Peripheral Bypass Surgery

Control the flow and save the patient's leg.

Medistim offers a unique intraoperative quality assessment system combining flow measurements with imaging for immediate feedback and the chance to revise before closure.

Volumetric blood flow values have proven to be an important factor for predicting graft longevity. Good graft function increases the likelihood of saving the patient’s leg.

The risk of early postoperative occlusion is significantly increased if the basal flood flow after femoropopliteal reconstruction is less than 100 ml/min or the papaverineinduced flow (intra-arterial injection of 40mg papaverine) is less than 200 ml/min.

Capturing an image of the anastomosis using Medistim technology can reveal otherwise unseen imperfections inside veins and arteries. Medistim systems give surgeons the chance to correct imperfections before closure.

With graft patency being the predominant predictor of long-term survival after vascular surgery, surgeons can insure improved patient outcomes using this unique quality assessment device.