QuickFit TTFM™ Probes – PS Probe series

Available with and without handle. Size range from 1.5 – 7mm

Medistim is committed to continuously improving our products for the benefit of our customers and their patients. With a wide variety of sterilization and cleaning options, this improved version of the steam autoclavable QuickFit™ TTFM probes are more user-friendly. The new design is more robust, yet we have preserved all the details that make it one of our most popular probes.

Medistim’s QuickFit™ flow probes utilize the reliable transit time technology to accurately measure blood volume flow intraoperatively in a wide range of applications, from cardiac and vascular, to transplant surgery.

Used together with Medistim’s systems, they provide fast, accurate and reproducible information to the surgeon instantaneously.

Having functional information about the graft is the key to verifying graft patency and function.
The ultimate benefit is quality assurance with immediate feedback that leads to improved surgical outcomes.

List of compatible disinfection solutions for Medistim probes.

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