Year Event
2019 – Medistim has received clearance for sale of MiraQ™ in Japan
2018 – Renewed NICE recommendation for adopting Medistim technology in the NHS
– First presentation of the Medistim REQUEST study interim results at AATS in April
– Final results from REQUEST study presented at EACTS in October
2017 – Medistim establishes direct sales operations in Spain
– Medistim has received clearance for sale of MiraQ™ in China
– Preliminary findings from the REQUEST registry study presented at the ICC in New York, USA
– Medistim joins GE Vingmed Ultrasound and Sensocure in the development of new production technology funded by the Norwegian Research Council
2016 – Medistim launces the SonoQ™
– Medistim’s technology has achieved reimbursement in Japan
– MiraQ Cardiac, MiraQ Vascular, MiraQ Ultimate is launched in the US
2015 – Regulatory clearance for VeriQ C™ in China
– MiraQ Vascular is launched in Europe
– MiraQ Ultimate is launched in Europe
2014 – MiraQ™ Cardiac is launched in Europe
2013 – First UK hospital adopts intraoperative imaging and TTFM with the VeriQ C™
2012 – Regulatory clearance for VeriQ C™ in Canada and Taiwan
– VeriQ C is launched in Canada
– Medistim UK Ltd established
2011 – FDA clearance for VeriQ C™ in the USA
– Medistim Danmark ApS established
– The UK’s NICE endorses routine use of TTFM in CABG
2010 – Medi-Stim changes name to Medistim
– Regulatory clearance for VeriQ C™ in Japan
– Routine use of TTFM in CABG gets recommended by the European Guidelines
2009 – VeriQ C™ launched in Europe
2008 – Winner of Innovation Norway’s “Internationalization Prize”
– VeriQ 3 is launched in Europe
2007 – Medi-Stim USA, Inc. leaves Medtronic and becomes own entity
2006 – Acquisition of Kir-Op AS – a Norwegian distributor of medical devices
2005 – Acquisition of Meditron – a manufacturer of electronic stethoscopes
2004 – VeriQ launched in US
– Listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange
2003 – VeriQ™ launched in Europe
2002 – Medi-Stim Deutschland GmbH established
2001 – QuickFit probes launched
2000 – Medi-Stim USA, Inc. is born and a Distribution Agreement with Medtronic is signed
1999 – FDA clearance for the Butterfly™ in USA
1998 – Manufacturing established in Horten, Norway
1997 – Butterfly™ launched in Europe
– ISO9001 Certification and CE approval of all products
1994 – CardioMed™ launched in Europe
1984 – Medi-Stim AS is founded