Medistim is certified according to ISO13485 PDF and MDSAP PDF.

All of our products are CE marked.

Certificate No. Category Valid to Download
242036-2017-CE-NOR-NA-PS Rev-3.0 MiraQTM Systems 2024 PDF
10000322610-PA-NA-NOR Imaging (EL) probe Rev 1.0 Imaging Probes 2024 PDF
242086-2017-CE-NOR-NA-PS PS probes Rev 3.0 PS Probes 2024 PDF
10000322554-PA-NA-NOR PV probes Rev 1.0 PV Probes 2024 PDF
10000322573-PA-NA-NOR Doppler probe Rev 1.0 Doppler Probe 2024 PDF