Strong results

REQUEST is the first multicenter study documenting the surgical changes from the combined use of Transit Time Flow Measurement  (TTFM) and High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging (HFUS).

The results showed that 25% of the patient population had one or more surgical procedure changes made. These changes were associated with low rates of in-hospital mortality and major morbidity. Such an impact on surgical strategy shows the importance of performing routine intraoperative quality assessment with TTFM and HFUS during CABG surgery.



Global approach

Seven leading cardiac surgery centers from Europe, USA and Canada participated. The study was initially led by Professor Pieter Kappetein of Thorax Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, and later by Coordinating Investigator Professor David Taggart from the University of Oxford.

Inclusion criteria was isolated CABG with a minimum of two grafts. Medistim’s VeriQ C™ or MiraQ™ devices were used.

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