List of Disinfection Solutions

List of compatible disinfection solutions for Medistim probes.

Medistim L15 Imaging Probe (HFUS)
✔ + Validated microbiological effectiveness and verified material compatibility
Manufacturer Product Disinfection procedure L15
ASP/J&J Cidex® OPA Automated disinfection ✔ +
Steris (Medivator) RapicideTM PA HLD Automated disinfection ✔ +
Schülke & Mayr GmbH Gigasept® FF Manual soaking ✔ +
Steris Revital-Ox® Resert® XL HLD Manual soaking ✔ +

Medistim L15 Ultrasound Imaging Probe Instructions for Use (IFU) will implement this information in the next version of the document.
Until the new IFU version is approved, please refer to the documents listed below:

Medistim L15 imaging probe disinfection validation_EN English
Medistim L15 imaging probe disinfection validation_FR French
Medistim L15 imaging probe disinfection validation_DE German


Medistim PS, PV & PD Probes (TTFM and Doppler)
Verified material compatibility
Blank Not verified
Manufacturer Product PS PV PD
Antec Int. LTD VirkonTM
Antec Int. LTD PeraSafeTM
Bebidez Ultra BabyDez Ultra
BODE Chemie GmbH Korsolex® Endo-Disinfectant
BODE Chemie GmbH Korsolex® Endo-Cleaner
BODE Chemie GmbH Korsolex® Extra
BODE Chemie GmbH Bodedex® Forte
BODE Chemie GmbH Bomix® Plus
BODE Chemie GmbH Dismozon® pur
BODE Chemie GmbH Dismoclean® Twin Zyme
BODE Chemie GmbH Dismoclean® Twin Basic
Borer Chemie AG Deconex® Twin Zyme
Borer Chemie AG Deconex® Twin PH10
Diversey Suma® Med Super LpH for washer/disinfector
Diversey Suma® Med Enzyme for washer/disinfector
Dr. Weigert GmbH Neodisher® MediClean Forte
Dr. Weigert GmbH Neodisher® Septo DN
Dr. Weigert GmbH Neodisher® Endo CLEAN
Dr. Weigert GmbH Neodisher® Endo SEPT GA
Ecolab GmbH SekumaticTM MultiClean
Ecolab GmbH MetalClean Plus
Ecolab GmbH Sekusept® Forte S
Ecolab GmbH Steranios
Giochemica Giosept Foam
Johnson & Johnson Cidex® OPA
Kiilto Dax Plus
Kiilto Antibac
Ljungberg & Kögel AB LT-Clean
Medical Chemical Corp. Wavicide-01
Metrex MetriCideTM 28
Metrex CaviCideTM
Metrex CaviWipesTM
Metrex CaviWipesTM XL
PDI Healthcare Sani-Cloth® Plus
PDI Healthcare Super Sani-Cloth®
Schülke & Mayr GmbH Gigasept FF®
Schülke & Mayr GmbH Thermosept® NKZ
Schülke & Mayr GmbH Thermosept® Alka clean forte
Schülke & Mayr GmbH Thermosept® ER
Schülke & Mayr GmbH Thermosept® ED
Schülke & Mayr GmbH Thermosept® X-tra
Schülke & Mayr GmbH Terralin® Liquid
Schülke & Mayr GmbH Mikrozid Sensitive wipes
Veridien Corporation Viraguard