Routine Quality assessment during Coronary Revascularization – Robotic, MICS, All-arterial and Conventional CABG


This cardiac case comes from J. Puskas, S. Nambala, S. Balkhy, & N. Patel that share their clinical experiences during the Medistim Lunch Symposium at ISMICS 2023.

Medistim Lunch Symposium at ISMICS 2023

If you missed this group of thought leaders presenting and discussing the use of Medistim technology at ISMICS, or simply want to relive it once more, the full recording is available below.

The whole session is worth watching but if you only have time for parts of it, the timestamps below will help you pick out your favorite sections.

00:00 – Prof. John Puskas. Intro and “Adoption of Quality Assessment worldwide”

07:15 – Dr Sathyaki Nambala “Benefits of Flow and Imaging in MICS CABG”

19:30 – Prof. Husam H Balkhy “Use of Transit Time Flowmetry in Robotic Coronary Surgery”

32:50 – Dr Nirav C Patel “Cases where Medistim made a difference”

39:00 – Discussion between panelists and floor