Quality assessment during a Fem-Pop case


This case example shows a routine fem-pop case where the surgeon assessed the quality of the bypass procedure using all 3 measurement technologies provided by the MiraQ system; High-frequency ultrasound imaging, TTFM and PW Doppler measurements.


Image 1 shows a clear lumen and error-free proximal anastomosis. The flow was assessed using both TTFM and PW Doppler. The measurements show a good flow volume with low PI, as well as a satisfactory flow velocity with corresponding Doppler spectrum at the proximal anastomosis, all indicating a patent graft.
As seen in image 2, TTFM of the proximal anastomosis during the case displayed a satisfactory flow of 328 ml/min. The flow curve is nice and repetitive.


Vikatmaa P and Albäck A. Intraoperative quality control with transit time flow measurement. Gefässchirurgie 2018; 23:580-585.

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