Minimizing aortic manipulation using HFUS


This case from the REQUEST Study illustrates how High-frequency Ultrasound Imaging (HFUS) can be used to identify soft, non-palpable plaque in the aorta, thus avoiding unnecessary manipulation of the affected areas. Detecting this potential issue allowed the surgeon to change the plan accordingly. Patient information and past medical history:77-year-old male, BMI 24.1


Intraoperative imaging of the aorta revealed non-palpable, soft plaque in the ascending aorta. The media-intima layer is visible as a thin white line and the plaque is the irregular shape below it. With experience, this is easily recognized and clamping or cannulation in such areas can be avoided.


Epiaortic scanning for myocardial surgical revascularization
Royse A, Heiberg J, Royse C. Vessel Plus 2021;5:23.

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