Liver Tx: Compromised anastomosis detected with TTFM


This case demonstrates how Transit Time Flow Measurement (TTFM) can be used during liver transplant surgery to detect technical errors.

Technology Used

Medistim MiraQTM Vascular System with Vascular TTFM probes (PV series).

Intraoperative completion control with TTFM

These TTFM tracings were taken when measuring the flow in the hepatic artery after performing an end-to-end anastomosis.

TTFM probes from the PV series was used during this surgery as seen in image 1. Notice how the slider keeps the vessel in place so the readings can be as accurate as possible.

The first measurement showed low flow of 66 ml/min with a jagged flow curve, indicating that the anastomosis could be compromised. See image 2

After revision of the anastomosis, TTFM in the hepatic artery improved to 248 ml/min with a pulsatile flow curve. See image 3

This case confirms that TTFM plays a significant role in detecting compromised anastomosis or other technical errors during liver transplant surgery reducing the risk for postoperative complications.


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