Record Sales in Q4 2012

Medistim delivers record sales in Q4 2012 with MNOK 49.7 (MNOK 41.3). Strong growth of 13.6% for the full year, reaching MNOK 183.8 (MNOK 161.8). Operating profit (EBIT) for the quarter was MNOK 6.1 (MNOK…

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Medistim’s First Sale of VeriQC™ in the US

Medistim has signed contracts with three hospitals in the US and achieved its first revenues from the company’s new product VeriQC.

All three hospitals have entered into a lease agreement where they pay per usage. A procedure with VeriQC is priced at about twice the level of a procedure performed using the traditional equipment VeriQ™. The company expects that existing and new customers gradually will convert to VeriQC. 

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