Significant endorsement boosts Medistim Inc.’s life-saving technology

Findings substantiate the VeriQ system’s ability to improve outcomes for coronary artery bypass surgery and contain costs.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (Nov. 17, 2011) – A longtime leader in setting world-class standards for health care is recognizing the effectiveness of a life-saving technology produced by an international medtech company that has a vibrant presence in the United States.

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Medistim’s First Sale of VeriQC™ in the US

Medistim has signed contracts with three hospitals in the US and achieved its first revenues from the company’s new product VeriQC.

All three hospitals have entered into a lease agreement where they pay per usage. A procedure with VeriQC is priced at about twice the level of a procedure performed using the traditional equipment VeriQ™. The company expects that existing and new customers gradually will convert to VeriQC. 

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