Medistim is opening a direct sales office in Sweden

Medistim announces that they are expanding their market coverage in Sweden by establishing a direct sales office, opening today.

This move is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional service to customers as well as fulfilling the company’s global growth strategy. The company is well positioned to continue its growth by further developing the conversion from devices with Transit Time Flow Measurement (TTFM) technology only, to devices combining TTFM and High-Frequency Ultrasound (HFUS). In addition, the company has established an exclusive distribution agreement with the Austrian manufacturer Agency for Medical Innovations (A.M.I.) with their product portfolio in urology, coloproctology, and urogynecology. Medistim already has the rights for A.M.I. products in Norway and Denmark. With a direct presence in these three countries, Medistim is positioned to build a broader, Scandinavian distribution business.

The new subsidiary, Medistim Sverige AB, is a subsidiary of Medistim Norge AS and will be managed by Ole Jørgen Robsrud, Managing Director for Norway and Denmark.

Medistim takes the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the longstanding and successful collaboration with Vingmed AB since 1994. Vingmed established the Medistim brand from scratch to become the recognized standard of care in cardiac, vascular, and transplant surgery in Sweden that it is today.

“We are excited to take this step forward with our direct sales in Sweden, strengthening our relationship with our customers and also opening up for building a stronger Scandinavian third-party distribution business,” says Medistim President and CEO Kari E. Krogstad.