Results for the second quarter and first half 2022

Another all-time high revenue for a quarter ending at MNOK 117.5 (MNOK 109.8), where last year's revenue included an extraordinary MNOK 5.3 grant through the U.S. Payroll Protection Program related to COVID-19. Revenue for the first half of 2022 ended at MNOK 233.6 (MNOK 212.4).

Sales growth is driven by the USA with a currency-neutral sales increase of 28 % for the quarter and 29 % for the first half. Strategic areas of Vascular Surgery and Imaging products show high growth with 44 % and 65% for the quarter, and 65% and 50% respectively for the first half. Currency-neutral sales of own products increase 13.4 % for the quarter and 11.2 % for the first half. Operating profit (EBIT) for the quarter ended at MNOK 37.4 (MNOK 42.7). Operating profit for the first half ended at MNOK 70.8 (MNOK 71.7). Last year’s EBIT included the above-mentioned grant of MNOK 5.3 for both the quarter and for the first half.

See the full presentation and report below as well as the video recording from the webinar.

Q2 2022 Presentation

Q2 2022 Financial Report