Adding the popular Pay Per Procedure business model to the MiraQ platform

Medistim utilizes several business models to effectively reach different segments of the US market.
In addition to traditional capital investments and purchase of consumables, hospitals can choose to enter leasing agreements or Pay Per Procedure (PPP). The PPP functionality has proven to be a popular option with our previous generation of medical device (VeriQTM and VeriQCTM) and will now also be available to our MiraQ customers.

“Some of our largest customers in the USA are greatly appreciating the PPP model with their current VeriQTM and Medistim wants to make their transition to the latest platform MiraQTM as smooth as possible,” says Medistim President and CEO, Kari E. Krogstad. “The US market is key to Medistim’s success, making up about 1/3 of the global potential market, and it is our priority to respond to our customers’ preferences.”

For more information, contact:
President and CEO, Kari E. Krogstad, Medistim ASA
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CFO, Thomas Jakobsen, Medistim ASA
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