The REQUEST study is now published

Featured in the April edition of The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

The REQUEST study is a multicenter, prospective study among 7 international centers performing coronary artery bypass grafting procedures.  The primary endpoint was any change in the planned surgical procedure. Major secondary endpoints consisted of the rate and reason for surgical changes related to the aorta, in situ conduits, coronary targets, and completed grafts, and the rate of in-hospital mortality and major morbidity.

1016 patients were included in the final analyses.  Surgical changes related to the aorta, conduits, coronary targets, and anastomosis were made in 25% of patients.  This was associated with low operative mortality and low major morbidity.  The authors concluded that “transit-time flow measurement (TTFM) and high-frequency ultrasound (HFUS) may improve the quality, safety, and efficacy of coronary artery bypass grafting procedures and should be considered as a routine procedural aspect.”

“Although the results from the REQUEST study have been available online and presented at several key conferences around the world during 2019, we are delighted to see the study finally printed in JTCVS, a journal highly  recognized by cardiac  surgeons” says Medistim President and CEO, Kari E. Krogstad. “This marks the finish line for a large clinical study evaluation performed by highly regarded and experienced coronary surgeons in this field, and their support for routine use of TTFM and HFUS will be of great value to the further endorsement and technology adoption across the globe.”

View the REQUEST study here: