MiraQ approved for sale in Canada

MiraQ™ is Medistim’s newest generation of products for quality assurance within  vascular and cardiac surgery. The system is based on ultrasound, and combines quantitative blood flow volume through transit time flow measurement (TTFM)  with morphological assessment using high frequency ultrasound imaging (HFUS). Medistim’s unique TTFM and HFUS combination provides guidance and control during surgery, in order to avoid or correct issues intraoperatively. Medistim is now in a position to sell MiraQ systems in all markets. Consequently, our previous generation, the VeriQ™, is no longer in production or sale.

Canada is a substantial market for Medistim with about 30 hospitals performing on average 18 000 cardiac procedures per year. Medistim’s equipment is used in about 37 % of the procedures. It is expected that a large portion of existing users over time will convert to the new product MiraQ. Medistim’s products are well accepted in the Canadian market and the company is also optimistic with regards to sales of MiraQ to new customers. Medistim is well represented in the Canadian market through its distributor Medtronic.