Results for the Fourth Quarter and Preliminary Results for 2017

Medistim had record sales for a quarter and year. Sales for the quarter ended at MNOK 82.2 (MNOK 67.4), a 21.9 % growth. Sales for 2017 ended at MNOK 301.5 (MNOK 268.1), a growth of 12.5 %.

Currency neutral sales of own products increased by 31.3 % for the quarter. For 2017, currency neutral growth in sales of own products was 15.7%. EBIT for the quarter ended at MNOK 16.4 (MNOK 9.7), a 67.9 % growth. For 2017 EBIT ended at MNOK 65.5 (MNOK 56.4) a 16.2 % growth. Sales in the USA continues, the solid growth and currency neutral sales growth was 27.8 % for the quarter and 16.9 % for the year. The probe production capacity has improved and previous issues are solved. Entered into a collaboration to develop new production technology partly financed by Norwegian Research Council.
Read the full financial report and presentation below.

Q4 2017 Presentation

Q4 and preliminary year end financials 2017