Results for the Third Quarter 2016

Sales ended at MNOK 67.9 for the quarter (MNOK 61.6), a 10.2 % growth.

Sales in the 3rd quarter ended at MNOK 67.9 (MNOK 61.6), a 10.2 % increase. USA had a strong quarter with an 18.5% growth in sales. In Asia sales increased with 83.6 % while in the rest of the world sales increased with 163.3 %. Sales in Europe decreased with 17.4 % mainly because of lower sales of 3. party products, but also because of weaker system sales of own products.

Sales as of September increased with 13.5 % and ended at MNOK 200.6 (MNOK 176.8). There was a growth measured in NOK in all regions except Europe. In the US there was a 22.6 % growth. In Asia and the rest of the world there was a growth of 47.8 % and 75.3 % respectively. In Europe there was a decrease of 1.2 % because of weaker sales of 3. Party products. Sales of own products increased with 8.4 % while sales of 3 part products decreased with 8.9 %.

Download the full report and presentation below:

3rd Quarter 2016 Report

3rd Quarter 2016 Presentation