Results for the Second Quarter and First Half 2014

Sales ended at MNOK 47.9 for the quarter (MNOK 49.0). Sales for the 1st half increased by 2.3 % and ended at MNOK 96.7 (MNOK 94.5). There was a positive development in USA with 41 % increase in sales in the 2nd quarter and 9.1 % for the first half. The reduction in total sales for the quarter is related to delayed system sales in Europe.
Operating profit (EBIT) for the quarter ended at MNOK 11.7 (MNOK 12.8). Operating profit for the 1st half ended at MNOK 18.9 (MNOK 20.1). There was paid a dividend of MNOK 14.5 in the second quarter 2014, NOK 0.80 per share (NOK 1.10 per share).

Q2 Presentation 2014

Q2 Report 2014