Results for the Third Quarter 2013

Sales for the quarter ended at MNOK 44.3 (MNOK 45.0).
Sales as of September ended at MNOK 138.8 (MNOK
134.0). It was a strong quarter for procedural sales
in the US with the highest number of procedures sold
ever. The consumable sales of probes increased with 5
% for the quarter and 5 % year to date.

Operating profit (EBIT) for the quarter ended at MNOK
6.5 (MNOK 17.1). Year to date operating profit ended
at MNOK 26.6 (MNOK 35.1). The difference in profit is
related to a one time effect of MNOK 9.3 when
changing the pension scheme in 2012.


 3 quarter 2013 PDF 

Presentation Q3 2013 PDF