Results for the First Half and Second Quarter 2013

Sales increased by 11.4 % and ended at MNOK 49.0 for the quarter (MNOK 43.9). Sales for the 1st half  increased by 6.1 % and ended at MOK 94.5 (MNOK 89.0). The positive development in Europe with continued with a 51.1 % increase in sales of own products in the 2nd quarter and 27.9 % for the 1st half.

The company had a breakthrough in UK in the 2nd quarter with the first sale of VeriQ CTM driven by the NICE endorsement. Operating profit (EBIT) increased with 24.3 % for the quarter and ended at MNOK 12.8 (MNOK 10.3).

Operating profit for the 1st half increased with 12.3 % to MNOK 20.1 (MNOK 17.9). The company paid a dividend NOK 1.10 per share (NOK 1.00)in the 2nd quarter 2013.

Presentation 2nd Quarter 2013

2 Quarter 2013