Rikshospitalet has chosen VeriQ C

(Oslo, July 4th 2013) Medistim announces that Rikshospitalet has chosen to strengthen its quality assurance program of coronary bypass surgery by investing in Medistims top model, VeriQ C.

Medistim has with this its top model within quality assurance, VeriQ C, installed and in use in all of the Norwegian university hospitals and cardiac centers in Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø and Oslo.

VeriQ C is the most advanced solution to verify new grafts effectively during coronary bypass surgery.
The point is to ensure that the new artery or graft works as intended and leads blood to the heart muscle. The system offers a unique combination of quantitative blood flow measurement (transit time flow measurement / TTFM) and qualitative ultrasound imaging, providing surgeons an advanced, but user-friendly tool to check and correct errors while the patient is still on the operating table.

“Norway has a strong tradition and position in cardiac surgery. In Medistim we are proud of our cardiac clinics and skilled surgeons who are in the forefront setting international standards within cardiac surgery. For us it is a mark of quality that these surgeons choose our equipment. Rikshospitalet is an important reference center for Medistim, and a good partner in line with the other university hospitals in Norway, “says Kari E. Krogstad.


For more information, please contact:
President and CEO, Kari E. Krogstad, Medistim ASA
Phone: + 47 918 38 110
E-mail: kari.krogstad@medistim.com

CFO, Thomas Jakobsen, Medistim ASA
Phone: + 47 906 59 940
E-mail: thomas.jakobsen@medistim.com