Medistim’s First Sale of VeriQC™ in the US

In the US there are performed about 270.000 bypass surgeries per year, and Medistim’s equipment is used in about 10 % of the surgeries performed. Considering the large, underdeveloped and accessible market combined with its new product, Medistim is in a great position to accelerate growth in the US market with the vision of achieving “standard of care” status.

For more information, contact:
President & CEO, Kari E. Krogstad, Medistim ASA
Tel: + 47 918 38 110

CFO Thomas Jakobsen, Medistim ASA
Tel: + 47 906 59 940

About Medistim
Medistim is a Norwegian Medtech company listed on Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE:MEDI). The company is the world leader within development, manufacturing and sales of medical equipment for use in quality assessment of cardiac- and vascular surgery procedures. Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in the western world, and about 730.000 cardiac bypass surgery procedures and 600.000 vascular surgery procedures are performed globally every year. Medistim was established in 1984, and has a track record of significant growth in both revenues and results through the last 10 years. The company is a pioneer within its segment, and continues to invest in new product development. Medistim has wholly owned subsidiaries with sales organizations in the US, Germany, Denmark and Norway, in addition to the around 50 distributors i Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

About VeriQC™
Medistim is in the process of launching its latest generation flowmeter, the VeriQC, which is a new and ground breaking concept that combines transit time blood flow measurement (TTFM) and ultrasound imaging into one system. The combination is expected to become the new standard for intraoperative quality assessment during cardiac and vascular surgery. The introduction of intraoperative ultrasound imaging will make it easier to plan, execute and assure the quality of a surgical procedure, as it provides enhanced surgical precision and morphological information, and ultimately, the best possible health outcome for the patient. Product information, VeriQC

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