Kari Eian Krogstad, President and CEO

Kari E. Krogstad joined Medistim on September 1st 2009. Krogstad holds a M.Sc. degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Oslo as well as a Business degree from IHM Business School. She has 20 years of experience from the biomedical industry, from commercial roles within the pharma, biotech and medtech sectors. Krogstad has held senior leadership positions within marketing, sales, business development and general management in Nycomed and Dynal. Before joining Medistim, she spent 11 years at Dynal, where she led Invitrogen Dynal in the role as General Manager after the acquisition from Invitrogen in 2005.

Thomas Jakobsen, CFO

Thomas Jakobsen joined Medistim as VP Finance in 2001. Previous experience includes Controller and Finance Manager at Sysdeco (1993-1998), and Finance Director of Microtronica Nordic (1998-2001), where he was responsible for building the finance team and converting to a new MIS system. Thomas has a key role in the finance and business development of Medistim. Thomas holds a B.Sc. in Management from the Norwegian Business School (BI).

Erik Swensen, VP Research & Development

Erik Swensen joined Medistim as VP Research & Development in 2002. Previous experience includes; Development Engineer at ABB, Norway (1996-2002), where he participated in the development of advanced process control systems. From 1999 his main focus was on developing ABB’s new control system for safety critical applications. Beside development work, Erik worked as Project Manager and Group Leader. Erik holds a M.Sc. degree in Engineering Cybernetics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim.

Hæge J.K. Wetterhus, VP Marketing

Hæge J.K. Wetterhus has more than 20-years of experience working with diagnostic, analytical and biotech device companies. She started her career as a seller of analytical instrumentation, first for Hewlett-Packard (chromatography systems) and later for Boehringer Mannheim/Roche (clinical diagnostics). With her last employer, Invitrogen Dynal , she held a variety of leadership roles in strategic marketing, product development and business development in the area of life science and biotechnology – always with an international focus. Wetterhus is a business economist from BI, chemical engineer from the Technical University of Bergen and has a BSc Honour in molecular biology from the University of Glasgow, UK.

Roger Morberg, VP Sales

Roger Morberg joined Medistim in June 2010, and is responsible for international sales. Roger has long experience from the healthcare sector, and is a trained medical professional and has extensive experience from the healthcare industry. Roger has had various roles within Sales and Senior Management positions; from Marquette Electronics, GE Healthcare and Hewlett Packard. Before he joined Medistim he worked for Siemens Medical as Country Manager – Ultrasound.

Helge Børslid, VP Manufacturing

Helge Børslid joined Medistim as Vice President Manufacturing in January 2017 and is responsible for all activities at Medistim’s manufacturing site in Horten. Helge comes from the position of Production Manager at Halliburton, a company that offers products and services to the oil and gas industry. Previous companies he has worked for include Norautron, Infineon Technologies Sensonor, Kongsberg Maritime, and Sensor Development where he held a variety of different roles ranging from test engineer to quality engineer and gained extensive management experience in his roles as quality manager and production manager. Helge holds a BSc in Electronics Engineering from Vestfold University in Norway and is currently completing his final year of a Master’s degree in Management from the Norwegian Business School (BI).

Ole Jørgen Robsrud, Managing Director Medistim Norge AS

Kir-Op AS was established in 1985 and the company`s focus has been distribution of medical equipment. The company was acquired by Medistim ASA and merged with Medistim Norge AS in 2006. Medistim Norge AS is among the leading distributors in the country. In addition to being a distributor for a number of international companies in the Norwegian market within general surgery and opthalmology, Medistim Norge also sells Medistim’s proprietary products for quality assurance of cardiac-, vascular- and other surgery. Ole Jørgen comes from the position as Country Manager in HemoCue Norway, a company that sells diagnostic analysis equipment for the health sector. He also has 13 years of experience in the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, where he has held a variety of management positions in sales and marketing both on national and international level. Ole Jørgen holds a Master of Business and Economics from the Norwegian Business School (BI) and University of Florida.

Tone Veiteberg, VP Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

Tone Veiteberg joined Medistim in 2013 and is responsible for quality assurance and regulatory compliance in the company. She has more than 25 years in Medical and Regulatory Affairs in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, including Clavis Pharma, the Norwegian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Leo Pharmaceuticals and Glaxo/GlaxoWellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline). Tone holds a M.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Oslo.

Mike Farbelow, President, Medistim USA, Inc.

Mike Farbelow joined Medistim in May 2012 as Vice President of our US sales team. Mr. Farbelow has extensive experience selling surgical devices and managing sales teams in the medical device market. He served for many years with Smith & Nephew’s Endoscopy division both as a sales representative and the Director of Sales for the central region. His most recent position prior to joining Medistim was with Richard Wolf USA where he served as their national sales manager in spinal endoscopy. He holds a degree in management from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.